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Raw materias

EVERINTEC is able to supply the food industry, besides specialty products, equipments and accessories, also with a wide range of high quality raw materials.
Such products are:
  • Citric monohydrated acid

    Citric anhydrous acid

     Citric acid

     Ascorbic acid

    Tartaric acid F.U.

    Di-ammonium phosphate

    Activated carbon

    Decolorizing coal

    Everdec W 98

    Everdec D100

    Inhibited ethylene glycol

    Inhibited propylene glycol

    Anhydrous lithium chloride

    Oenology mastic

    Vaseline oil

    Potassium bicarbonate

    Potassium bitartrate

    Potassium ferrocyanide

     Potassium metabisulfite
    Potassium sorbate

    Potassium tartrate


    Thiamine hydrochloride