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Organic forever

EVERINTEC developed a specific line for organic wine production
is an organic Gum Arabic in powder, selected for the production of Organic wines. ARABIC BIO does not contain additives and preservatives and its use does not imply modifications to the wine’s acidity or to the SO2 content.
BIOCIBUS ACTIVE is a complex nutrient designed to help and protect the yeast’s activity in those difficult situations that in the final pha
ses of the fermentation process.
BIOCIBUS ACTIVE is a product of Organic origin
based on inactivated yeast, yeast walls and products resulting from yeast’s lysis, wh ich act in a synergic manner along the entire life of the yeast population.
EVERCLAR BIO has been designed to respond to the recent request for fining agents suitable for
Organic wines production and free of Allergens, efficient for stabilization of WHITE WINES, RED WINES AND ROSÉ WINES.
EVERZYM B is a concentrated, liquid enzyme preparation suitable for organic wine production, being in accordance with the dispositions set by
Reg. CE N. 203 /2012 and Reg CE n. 834/2007, with particular reference to absence of GMO and GMO’s derived products.
FISHCOLL BIO is a proteinic fining agent based on isinglass that has been obtained from raw materials of Organic origin. FISHCOLL BIO
possesses a high Bloom grade, it can be easily dissolved in lukewarm water and it can be
used in production of quality Organic wines. FISHCOLL BIO, furthermore, is an Allergens Free proteinic fining agent, according to prescriptions set by Directives CE 89/2003, 77/2004, 63/2005.
Active Dry Yeast (ADY) ORGANIC Saccharomyces cerevisiae, with good vigor, which allows for management of regular, secure and complete fermentations. Produced in compliance with EC Regulation 834/2007 and free from emulsifiers. It is intended for the production of quality organic white, red and rosé wines.
ZIMOVIT B is a product designed to respond to the needs of Organic Wines producers according to Reg. CE N. 203/2012 where, for yeast nutrition, only the use of Di-ammonium Phosphate (DAP) associated with Thiamin
e hydrochloride (Vitamin B1). Infact, in this phase, it is not allowed the use of perlite, cellulose or other excipients.