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26 November 2017 Success at WBWE in Amsterdam for the new ENO-TIMATIC Technology, Infusions of Excellence, by EVER srl
At the Masterclass "THE ART OF BLENDING WINE" at the WBWE in Amsterdam, there was a strong interest of the winemakers enrolled in the presentations "ENO-TIMATIC, Infusions of Excellence" for Quality Wine Refining.
Eng. BRIAN PETERS (Timatic Ltd), PAOLO CAPRA (EVER srl) and Doct. MAURO DE PAOLA (winemaker consultant) explained how ENO-TIMATIC Technology was chosen by EVER srl:
  • because it allows to respect the components of selected woods (French or American), accelerates its infusion and greatly simplifies the operation in the cellar.
    to select the range of STYLE#, which today represents the highest quality of Chips worldwide
Tastings have positively surprised the guests for the results obtained by synergy: "Enologic Competence" + "Quality STYLE #" + "ENO-TIMATIC Technology".
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