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13 September 2019 Are you interested to increase your free run juice? (From HAL- Enologia, Navarra -Spain)
In Navarra (Spain), Winemakers are producing great CHARDONNAY but, differently  to other regions of the World, the JUICE is particularly difficult to clarify.
The Winemakers from HAL-Enologia confirmed us the efficiency of EVERZYM XPL, added in press, in obtaining more yield of FREE RUN JUICE, thanks to its specific activity on grape’s soluble pectins. The following addition of EVERZYM VRT after soft and hard pressing permitted to obtain excellent FLOTATIONS by using 20 g/hL of EVERCLAR ALFA: the choice on this fining agent was taken because suitable for the production of high quality organic and vegan friendly wines and capable to give best results in difficult conditions
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