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21 November 2014 An aperitif with BlueTANN in Franciacorta
On November 20th, 2014 numerous oenologists and winemakers from Franciacorta attended the "APERITIF with BlueTANN", the event hosted by Simone MASINA and Stefano FERRARI at the DERBUSCO CIVES winery in Erbusco (Brescia) at harvest’s end. ENOSISTEMA & EVERINTEC shared in depth information on "BlueTANN PRO" with their welcome guests. "BlueTANN PRO" is an innovative tannin that naturally averts the Malo-Lactic Fermentation (MLF) in musts and wines. The event ended with the tasting of two same-mass wines: the former had been treated with 2g/hL of BlueTANN PRO, the latter underwent MLF. Our special thanks go to ANDREA ARICI, owner of the COLLINE DELLA STELLA winery for sharing his first-hand experience with the fellow winemakers from the Franciacorta region so that they could compare the quality of the two wines being tested. We would also like to thank DERBUSCO CIVES for organizing the meeting and for the closing aperitif where their excellent wines were served.
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