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Fining agents

In modern enology, based on conservative techniques and grape enhancement for a better territorial and varietal identity, the fining process becomes a crucial moment. In fact, this operation contributes in achieving the chemical-physical stability but also, with its non appropriated management, it could alter and depauperate the wines organoleptic balance.
Aiming to precision and efficacy of the treatments, EVERINTEC offers a wide range of specialty products for clarification and fining as well as handy tools to assess their efficiency: PROTOCHECK, for example, allows to evaluate, simply and quickly, the protein stability and, therefore, the efficacy of a deproteinization treatment.
The new Directive 2007/68/CE (EU regulations on labeling products that have been treated with allergenic additives) has given EVERINTEC’s R&D the opportunity to look for new solutions for wines and musts fining. The result is a new range of products easier in their use, efficient and with fining properties qualitatively comparable if not superior to potassium caseinate and egg albumin.EVERINTEC has done a selection of the bentonites to meet the production needs (e.g. fast rehydration, compact sediment) keeping in mind the enological needs too: low absorption of flavors and perfumes. The other minerals clarifying agents listed below with their cards downloadable techniques.
The egg albumin of EVER INTEC is specific for the enological use. It is a proteinic fining agent composed exclusively of egg albumin, purified and rich in Lysozyme, which is effective in countering the development of lactic bacteria.
Extra pure Potassium caseinate at high content proteins, in a balanced ratio between α-casein, ß-casein and y-casein.
Concentrated solution of stabilized gelatine obtained by partial hydrolysis of the swine connective tissues; it efficiently reduce tannin in musts, wines and vinegars, in combination with other products.
Gelatin is the clarifying agent most extensively used in enology, especially in red wines. Its use takes advantage especially of property to bind itself to the tannic substances of the wine and thus produce evident organoleptic changes, generally favorable.
Valuable protein fining agent derived from swim bladder of the fish (sturgeon). It is recommended for the clarification wines of quality (also liqueur wines), where it gives very good fining results, respecting the aromatic asset.
Exclusively obtained from connective tissues of pig, subjected to a specific hydrolysis process which makes it readily soluble in cold water. The characteristics of purity and effectiveness of this gelatin make it usable not only in enology but also in other sectors of the food industry.
Very pure and food grade gelatin of animal origin, obtained from the collagen of the connective tissue of the pig. It has a high gelling power.
Has a greater specificity of action towards the catechins and leuco-anthocyans; it can be used in the treatment of musts, wines and vinegars for the prevention or treatment of oxidation.