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Filtration & Micro-filtration

Filtration is a very common technique in the wine and beverage industry in general.
EVERINTEC has selected a range of high-purity filter aids (perlite and diatomaceous earths) to be coupled with its precoat materials such as FIRST FIBRA, and to the stabilizing filter aid FILTER ACTIV.
It also has recently developed the new series of IMMER filter sheets and lenticular modules, specifically designed for the beverage industry.
First as EVER, since 2003, and now as EVERINTEC since 2008, we work with MICROFILTREX (Porvair Group), a British company possessing high-technology and innovative production processes of membranes and microfiltration cartridges. Our company is able to realize complete lines of microfiltration in compliance with the latest PED regulations.
  1. FLOOD - From the filtration of musts to the polishing of wines, juice and vinegar, cider, spirits, oil, etc ... EVERINTEC offers a complete range of filter aids for body-feed filtration. In particular the FIRST FIBRA precoat materials, also available in a pre-dispersed form, do increase the mechanical stability of the filter cake during filtration and help to improve the filterability index for following filtrations; the FILTER ACTIV stabilizing agents are a valid alternative to traditional fining treatments, able to rejuvenate “tired” wines during body-feed filtration. The range that EVERINTEC proposes to the market is completed by the diatomaceous earth and the perlites of high, medium and low permeability. 
    FILTER SHEETS - In this section you'll find filter sheets and lenticular modules, suitable for filtration of wine.
    MICROFILTRATION CARTRIDGES - EVERINTEC has selected a range of MICROFILTREX cartridges particularly suited for microfiltration of wine, vinegar, cider, spirits and water. The main advantages of MICROFILTREX cartridges are low adsorption of color and aroma, resistance to high temperature, compatibility with caustic and acidic detergents, possibility of counter-flow regeneration, mechanical stability up to 6 bars of d.p. (differential of pressure).
    EVERINTEC offers pre and post sales assistance in assembling microfiltration lines as well as for monitoring existing lines, in order to maximize their productivity.