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Food safety is now a priority and wine makers must be able to guarantee it.
EVERINTEC is always attentive to the accuracy and the security of its solutions, so to ensure success to its goals. Following this philosophy, EVERINTEC has been certified according to ISO 9001-2000 standards and offers EVERZYM, a complete and reliable range of oenological enzymes; this can offer to the winemaker all the possibilities to achieve his objectives of quality winemaking.
The full EVERZYM range distinguishes itself by:
  • Being produced according to EU Directive 98/81/EC;
    Not containing genetically modified organisms;
    Being free of antibiotic activity, ochratoxin A and aflatoxins;
    Purity and the specificity of action, as it has been produced with naturally low level cinnamyl-esterase and anthocyanase activity;
    High concentration, which allows for the use of micro-doses with excellent yields.

The crushing, the maceration and the aging processes represent the crucial moments in which we define the oenological targets.
The modern trend towards the "conservative techniques" as opposed to previous "subtractive techniques”, has directed us to study over enzyme with specific primary and secondary activities, in order to take advantage of the natural characteristics of grapes and yeast and to improve the stability and the filterability of wines.
One given goal can be said to have been achieved only when we have adequate means of control. In terms of comparison and measurement of results, EVERINTEC reminds that you can find the correct dosage and evaluate the effectiveness of the enzymatic treatments through simple tests that can be performed either in laboratory and/or at the cellar.
Is an aromatic grapes, only a small amount of the original terpenes are perceptible by our olfactory senses. The aim of taking advantage of this aromatic asset, which is rendered odorless because of the bonds with glucose, is possible through an enzymatic activity known as ß-glycosidase.
EVERZYM COLOR is a granular enzymatic preparation with pectolytic activity and with secondary cellulase, hemicellulase, protease and ß-glucanase activities.
EVERZYM GPC is an enzymatic preparation in microgranular form, which renders it stable over time and of easy solubility and use. The pectinase and pectin-lyase concentration of EVERZYM GPC reduces the dosage in comparison to other traditional enzymatic preparations.
Is a pectolytic enzyme preparation rich in pectinases PG, PE, and PL and with a specific secondary cellulase activity, which intervenes on the structure of the grape skin, therefore accelerating the color release.
EVERZYM LIQUID is a concentrated liquid enzyme preparation, ready for direct use, without further dilution. The strong pectin-lyase (PL) activity quickly reduces the viscosity of the must, therefore it accelerates the separation processes such as flotation, centrifugation etc. With some overripe grapes or certain varieties the winemaker can be faced with greater clarification difficulties. The secondary activities of EVERZYM LIQUID complete the depectinasing activity, hence optimizing the clarification.
Is an innovative pectolytic enzyme in liquid form and with a strong secondary ß-glucanase activity.
EVERZYM THERMO is a new enzyme preparation, liquid and at high pectinase concentration.
Is a concentrated enzyme preparation, ready for a direct use or after dilution, with a high PL activity.
XPL is a liquid enzyme with high pectinase activity, it is recommended for use in grape and mash because of its specific activity on the pectins of the pulp.
The enzymatic activity of LYSOZYME breaks the cellular membrane of gram+ bacteria (e.g. Lactobacillus); LYSOZYME is an efficient biotechnological coadjuvant that can be used as an alternative to traditional techniques (refrigeration, SO2, filtration) for a proper microbiological control of musts and wines, from the fermentation to the maturation, up to bottling.