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The concept of rational management for yeast nutrition is now an integral part of the alcoholic fermentation process. The new EVERINTEC activators, having a rich balance of amino acids as aroma precursors, contribute themselves to the organoleptic improvement and to the longevity of the wine, for a positive sensory evolution.
If, on one side, the nitrogenous nutrition allows to have a good number of cells, on the other hand it is necessary that these cells are well nourished and kept active and vital in the course of the fermentation process, from its very inception. With this purpose, the EVERINTEC "multifunctional activators" play an important role by making available the right amount of sterols and fatty acids, saturated and unsaturated ones, which are essential to maintain the functionality of the cell membrane. The new EVERINTEC activators are rich in amino acids, which are aromatic precursors, the only compounds helpful for the aroma expression by the yeast.
Since 2013, EVERINTEC has introduced an innovative Protocol for Yeast Reactivation. Combining MYCOSTART and VinO2 we can optimize the yeast performances thanks to a stronger cells vigor and a stronger cell’s membrane. This Protocol does positively affect also the cleanness and the aromas finesse of wines and may conveniently be used for the second fermentation in sparkling wine production.
CREA-FERM is a special Bio-Activator preparation based on selected and purified yeast hulls. CREA-FERM brings “noble nutrients”, notably sterols and long-chain fatty acids, which reduce the risk of volatile acidity production. Also the “growth factors” such as amino acids, vitamins and oligoelements contribute to a correct yeast metabolism.
Preparation based on yeast hull, optimized for maximum yield both under the nitrogen and lipidic contribution point of view. It distinguishes itself by the abundant presence of saturated fatty acids and ergosterol, helpful to fermentations where the high alcohol content and the particularly difficult conditions can hinder the yeast performances. The amino acids naturally present and balanced are important precursors that will improve the aromatic expression created by the yeast; all this will result in the production of wines more stable as far as the organoleptic profile is concerned.
Preparation based on yeast hulls, properly selected for a balanced contribution in amino acids, oligopeptides, growth and survival factors. If added in the beginning of alcoholic fermentation, it will ensure a quick start and it will maintain a regular kinetic. It allows the development of a cell population characterized by a constant membrane functionality throughout the whole fermentation process.
As yeasts do, also Bacteria have nutritional requirement of nitrogen compounds, necessary both for multiplication and population growth as well as for enzymes synthesis necessary to their metabolism and particularly for the Malic acid degradation; in fact Creaferm ML is the specific nutrient for Malolactic Fermentation.
When risks of slowing down or stopping the fermentation process arise or symptoms of such situation start to show up, (slow kinetics, smells of reduction, etc…), then it becomes essential to implement a particular strategy. CREAFERM NO STOP, with its fraction of yeast hull, exerts an important adsorbent action against inhibiting products of fermentation. In addition, with its fraction of di-ammonium phosphate, it is able to compensate for possible deficiencies in FAN.
Bio-activator based on selected yeast hull, particularly rich in vitamins, trace elements, growth and survival factors. Brings amino-acidic nitrogen and a small fraction of inorganic nitrogen.
Besides integrating the FAN, it supplies easily assimilable growth factors, useful for maintaining a consistent fermentation kinetic. It is recommended in the limpid musts where the alpha-cellulose fibers and the yeast hulls act as physical support media to yeasts; they also play a valuable detoxifying effect and an effective reduction of ochratoxins.
It is a bio-activator of a new concept, with a balanced composition of di-ammonium phosphate, preparations yeast hulls and microfibers of pure alpha-cellulose. It is a processing aid very effective for a regular fermentative kinetic, especially in critical conditions: desulfurized musts, poor musts, low temperature. Used on desulfurized musts, clarified and/or filtered, it brings microelements, growth factors, FAN and long-chain fatty acids (C18 and C20), which control the cellular permeability.
The use of ZIMOVIT in fermentation stimulates the yeast growth and multiplication with the advantage of obtaining a greater quantity of glycerol and esters, thus obtaining softer and more fragrant wines. ZIMOVIT is indicated for all fermentations in general, in stuck fermentations or in processing sparkling and semi-sparkling wines.
ZIMOVIT T52 is a complex fermentation activator that can supply the yeast (either indigenous or selected) the FAN (Free Available Nitrogen) and the Thiamin necessary for a good alcoholic fermentation. ZIMOVIT T52 formulation has been studied also for making it easily soluble and distributed within the mass to be fermented.