The range of EVERINTEC products has been designed to meet the diverse technological needs.
EVER is particularly attentive to the quality of its products and services and it strives to contribute to innovation with new proposals that arise from close collaboration with research centers, consultants and customers themselves.

Since 2008, the range of products has increased due to enlargement of the Company, so new oenological products were inserted into the EVER family. The catalogue was renewed with regard to: activators, filter aids, enzymes, yeast, lactic acid bacteria, clarifying agents, stabilizers and tannins.

ActivatorsThe concept of rational management for yeast nutrition is now an integral part of the alcoholic fermentation process. The new EVERINTEC activators, having a rich balance of amino ...more informationsBLUE LineEVERINTEC introduces an esclusive news in the world of the oenological products and Biotechnologies.With Blue Line, we give to the winemaker innovative products to check the MLF in natural, ...more informations
Detergents & Sanitizing agentsEVERINTEC offers a wide range of cleaning products for the winery, the equipments, the barrels and the bottles. DETARSOL - Detartarizzante EVERLUX L e P - Aditivo per soda EVERACID - ...more informationsEnzymesFood safety is now a priority and wine makers must be able to guarantee it. EVERINTEC is always attentive to the accuracy and the security of its solutions, so to ensure su ...more informations
EquipmentsEVERINTEC has a specific equipments for winemaking as:more informationsFiltration & Micro-filtrationFiltration is a very common technique in the wine and beverage industry in general. EVERINTEC has selected a range of high-purity filter aids (perlite and diatomaceous eart ...more informations
Fining agents In modern enology, based on conservative techniques and grape enhancement for a better territorial and varietal identity, the fining process becomes a crucial moment. In fact, this op ...more informationsImproversThe use of specialty products based on yeast polysaccharides and/or vegetal polysaccharides is by now part of modern oenology. This technique takes advantage of the antioxidant p ...more informations
Lactic bacteria For a proper management of the MaloLactic Fermentation (MLF) EVERINTEC proposes 3 formulations that contain a blend of different strains of Oenococcus, each one selected for its specif ...more informationsOrganic foreverEVERINTEC developed a specific line for organic wine productionmore informations
ProtocheckProtoCheck is an innovative test patented by prof. Celotti of University of Udine; it’s based on the reaction between the proteins present in a potentially unstable liquid (wine or ...more informationsRaw materias EVERINTEC is able to supply the food industry, besides specialty products, equipments and accessories, also with a wide range of high quality raw materials. Such products are: Citric mon ...more informations
Selected yeasts Nowadays, both for the large masses of table wine as well as for the wines of high quality level, the added value that the correct management of the alcoholic fermentation and the ...more informationsStabilizersEVERINTEC is committed in pursuing new stabilizing techniques, including those coming from the raw material "GRAPE" or from "FERMENTATION”. Recent studies show how the valo ...more informations
Tannins & ChipsEVER has been the first company to introduce the grape tannins into the Italian market. Intec also was recognized by the market for its expertise and for the quality of its ...more informations