Fining agents

In modern enology, based on conservative techniques and grape enhancement for a better territorial and varietal identity, the fining process becomes a crucial moment. In fact, this operation contributes in achieving the chemical-physical stability but also, with its non appropriated management, it could alter and depauperate the wines organoleptic balance.
Aiming to precision and efficacy of the treatments, EVERINTEC offers a wide range of specialty products for clarification and fining as well as handy tools to assess their efficiency: PROTOCHECK, for example, allows to evaluate, simply and quickly, the protein stability and, therefore, the efficacy of a deproteinization treatment.
The new Directive 2007/68/CE (EU regulations on labeling products that have been treated with allergenic additives) has given EVERINTEC’s R&D the opportunity to look for new solutions for wines and musts fining. The result is a new range of products easier in their use, efficient and with fining properties qualitatively comparable if not superior to potassium caseinate and egg albumin.

EVERINTEC has done a selection of the bentonites to meet the production needs (e.g. fast rehydration, compact sediment) keeping in mind the enological needs too: low absorption of flavors and perfumes. The other minerals clarifying agents listed below with their cards downloadable techniques.